Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Complaint Department

Just received in my in-box (emphasis added):


I ordered a 2011 Scenic UTAH Calendar by Tom Till as I do every year.

I was disappointed because over the last many years you have included October 16th as National Boss's Day. This year you did not. Why?

I think the numbering system you used this year (font) and size is not as good as last year. My question is why can't you simply include all the holidays you used from last year. [sic]

I am not disappointed in the work by Tom Till, but I am with the holiday and layout. Maybe next year your publishing company can get it right.

Just wanted you to know someone is paying attention out there and your quality control may be a little bit off.

Thank you.
(I'll show mercy and not publish her name.)

And my response:

Hi _________,

Thanks for your concern. Speaking of getting things right, our company has been publishing Tom's calendar for several years, and we have never included National Boss's Day. Just as in the calendar titles we've published for nearly 20 years, the only holidays and observances we include are either national holidays (MLK Day, Labor Day, etc.) and prominent Jewish holidays (Yom Kipper, Chanukkah, etc.). We also include historically popular holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. The lone exception is in our Colorado calendar titles, which include a listing for Colorado Day. We don't include Boss's Day, Secretary's Day -- er, I mean, Administrative Professionals Day -- Nurses Day, and sadly, no Take Your Dog to Work Day (FYI: June 24th). Furthermore, the grid design and font is exactly the same as it has been in every year we've published Tom's calendar. Perhaps you're paying attention to a different calendar?

Todd Caudle
Complaint Department, Skyline Press


Anonymous said...

My only complaint is what took so long. As your brother, I have been fortunate to hear some of these first hand. But it's funny actually seeing these in print.

August West said...

I'm still cracking up and it was fun to consider alternate responses to this inane letter. Whatever.