Monday, June 21, 2010

Where There's Smoke. . .

I've gone out the last two evenings in an attempt to get some pics of the ever-present smoke plume from the Medano Fire at Great Sand Dunes Natl. Park, and really haven't gotten what I've wanted. What I want, I don't even know. Perhaps it's a lack of experience shooting in such conditions, which is fine by me. The fewer forest fires, the better!

Here's a post-sunset shot from last night. All that crud up there is a ribbon of smoke that stretches from the fire (out of frame to the left) out into the skies over Colorado Springs (out of frame to the right). As the crow flies, the fire is about 60 miles away. The smell of burning forest has permeated the air around Pueblo for the last three or four days, and the smoke plume has created an ethereal, copper glow as the sun struggles to shine through the haze.

Anybody know any good rain dances?


Becky Jamison said...

And now with the Parkdale Fire you'll get MORE smoke pictures, Todd. Not that you want that kind of experience!

Lance Warley said...

The colors and textures are beautiful.

Kind of a cream-sickle orange sherbet sky. I crave a cream-sickle.

Sopark182 said...

Todd Caudle's Colorado began at 5402 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs.

Loved cinnamon rolls warmed up with butter on top

Played foosball reasonably well

Art influence - Roger Dean

Art teacher - Charles Rockey

Fav music - Yes, featuring Rick Waheman, and Yes

Hobby - building Tamiya WWII model German tanks (Panzerkampwagen)

Older brother had a "Guess Who" poster on his bedroom wall.

good photos. 'nuff said.

Todd Caudle said...

What the...?